With our qualified and experienced service team we intend to guarantee our clients safe and flawless operation of their transport equipment.

We are offering to our clients:

  • Quality service at competitive prices,
  • Shortest possible repair time,
  • Genuine spare parts,
  • Warranty for all services.

Our service team is maintaining permanent stock of spare parts, what in most cases allows immediate repair, as well at the customer premises.

During an intervention or repair we can perform as well:

Preventive inspection

Thorough and professional maintenance is the key condition for flawless forklift operation. By neglecting regular periodical maintenance you might put in jeopardy safety of people and cause machine damage.

Preventive inspection is a basic check, containing:

  • Telescopic lift control and free play adjustment,
  • Brake check and adjustment if necessary,
  • Electrical system check,
  • Hydraulic system and sealing joints check,
  • Engine and transmission check,
  • Steering axle check and greasing,
  • Undercarriage complete and partial check,
  • Wheel and tire tread wear check.

General overhaul

Our activities include general overhaul of forklifts:

  • Undercarriage overhaul,
  • Overhaul of driving mechanisms,
  • Hydraulic system overhaul,
  • Steering mechanism overhaul,
  • Brake overhaul,
  • Telescopic lift overhaul,
  • Electrical system and electronic control system overhaul,
  • Tire replacement,
  • Seat replacement.

Our activities include also installation of new, technologically advanced and approved electronic and hydraulic systems:

  • Electronics (for continuous drive control, hydraulic pump and power steering control,
  • Hydraulic attachments (installation of side shift, cargo clamps, rotators, fork positioners, production of special     hydraulic load lifting and translating attachments),
  • Illumination and sound equipment (installation of the required illumination and sound products).

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